The Sl50 is a handwired valve guitar amp head based on the iconic Marshall 1987. It comes with 4 inputs, 2 switches for tweaking amp voicing and a transparent master volume.

The SL50 can produce anything from sparkling cleans to screaming high-gain overdrive tones. It has the touch sensitivity and dynamic response that you would expect of an amp of this calibre and responds extremely well to your playing style and instrument with just a turn of your guitar’s volume control. The transparent master volume will allow you to deliver a complete range of tones at any volume.

Notable 1987 players include Paul Gilbert, Tom Petty, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Schenker, Steve Hackett, Kory Cooper and Kai Hansen.



Dovetail jointed birch cabinet
Marshall Levant Black Tolex
Gold Piping
Strap Handle


3 x 12AX7 Preamp
2 x EL34 Output


4 & 8 & 16 ohm output


Hammond Transformers
F&T, Mallory, Panasonic, Vishay components
TAD, EHX, JJ, Sovtek valves
Hand built and wired


Normal / Hi Treble Volume
Treble, Middle, Bass
Master, Presence
3-Way Bright & Fat Switch

Dimensions & Weight

Width: 20" (510mm), Height: 8.3" (210mm), Depth: 9" (230mm), 9kg