North West Guitar Show September 2021

After a year of lockdown we are planning to exhibit at the North West Guitar show on the 12th of September at Haydock Park Racecourse Exhibition Centre. For further details and directions visit here. Hope to see you then!

Emprize Amps Monarch


A new model has been added to the Emprize collection. The Monarch is based on the coveted Fender Princeton (6G2) of the Brownface era but with changes such as 12" Eminence George Alessandro signature speaker, adjustable bias and additional components to help extend power tube section life. For more information about the Monarch click here

Emprize Amps Atisan Custom

Artisan fully loaded!

A custom build for a customer just complete. This is based on the Artisan but with the addition of reverb, power scaling, master volume, 12" Jensen P12R speaker housed in a larger tweed covered cabinet. This amp produces some great class A high level harmonic rich tones and has the benefit of having both tremolo and reverb to finish off a perfect amp.

Emprize Amps Atisan Custom

4 Amp Sale

Over the next two months 4 amps will be on sale at amazing prices. These amps are hand built and wired using premium components. You won't get an amp of this quality any cheaper. Models include 5 (Fender 5F1 Champ), 10 (Fender Harvard), Artisan (Fender Vibro Champ), Artist (Gibson GA8).

Emprize Amps Atisan Custom

Artisan Custom

A custom build for a customer just complete. This is based on the Artisan but with single tone control, power scaling, 10" Jensen P10R speaker and finished in tantalising red. This amp produces some great overdrive tones with the extra gain as a result of removing the standard tone stack.

Emprize Amps Deluxe Custom

Deluxe Custom Reverb

Deluxe with reverb module, power scaling, driven by twin 6L6 power tubes and matched with Celestion Alnico 12" speaker. What a match made in heaven. This amp produces some amazing deluxe cleans and sounds amazing when cranked.

Emprize Amps Mini


A new year and time to treat yourself to a new valve guitar amp! The Mini is a perfect valve amp for portability without any compromise on quality, touch sensitivity and amazing tone. The Mini has been hand built using true point to point wiring with the best quality components available. 5 watts of sparkling cleans and creamy overdrive when driven. Picture shows the mini matched with speaker cabinet loaded with a WGS G8C 8" speaker. For more information about the Mini click here

Emprize Amps Artist


The Artist is a 10 watt single ended valve amp with parallel power tube section. The addition of an extra 6V6 power tube results in more touch sensitivity and even order harmonics for greater playability and tone. The Artist is also setup with powerscaling to provide great tones at bedroom levels. For more information about the Artist click here

Black Friday Event 2020

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 has started early for Emprize Amplification. Now is the time to grab a fantastic deal and buy one of our hand built and wired amplifiers. See some of the great deals on amplifiers in the order page.

Gold and Silver Star Amps

Both the silver star and new 5 watt amp from Emprize Amplification are put to the test to compare tonal quality and features. Do single knob amps rate compared to amps with full tone stacks? Well the answer is an absolute yes.

Artisan Valve Amp

A new Emprize amplifier has joined the family. In 5 watt format this amp sports gain, treble, middle, bass and master volume. The boost switch removes the tone stack from the circuit. Checkout instagram for more pictures.

Artisan Valve Amp


Great things come in small packages. The Artisan has just been released from Emprize Amplification. Sparkling clean tones and great crunch from the all tube hand built and wired amplifier. Tube driven rich tremolo tops off a great all rounder.

High Gain 18 Watt Combo

Just about to start build on a new model for Emprize Amps. This is an 18 Watt high gain amp which will be suited for styles such as blues, classic rock and heavy metal. Power section driven by 2 x EL84s, preamp section by 3 x 12AX7s and rectified by a GZ34. This will be perfect as a gigging amp and also for home use. Watch this space!

Silver Star Valve Amp

Silver Star

This is the all new 5 watt Class A single ended valve amp from Emprize Amplification. The Silver Star may be small but certainly packs a punch. Crystal cleans and growling overdrive. With a built in attenuator a single flick of a switch reduces output to 1 watt.

Silver Star

The final countdown to the release of the all new Silver Star. A compact 1 x 8, single knob combo amp loaded with Class A unadulterated tone and clarity. Dial in that perfect tone.

North East Guitar Show March 2020

Following government advice and restrictions relating to Coronavirus the North East Guitar show has been cancelled for 2020. The show is being postponed until 2021. Hope to see you then!