The Hurricane is a 40W all valve amp inspired by two generations of Fender Bassman. Channel 1 is based on the bright channel of late 50s Tweed (5F6A) amp and Channel 2 is based on the normal channel of the early 60s Blondface (6G6B) amp. Both channels produce plenty of clean headroom and lots of overdrive when pushed. Both channels share presence and master. When the master is set to minimum the control is effectively out of the circuit.



Finger jointed solid pine cabinet
Leather handle
View available finishes


4 x 12AX7 Preamp
2 x 6L6 Output


Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass
Volume, Treble, Bass
Presence, Master

Components & Features

High quality F&T filter capacitors
Mallory 150 coupling capacitors
Adjustable Bias

Speaker Choice

12" WGS ET65
12" Eminence GA-SC64
12" Jupiter 12LC
12" WGS G12C

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 18.1" (459mm), Width: 20.8" (528mm), Depth: 9.5" (241mm), 15.2kg

Example Finishes Available

Helmsley Black

Helmsley Snakeskin



With thanks to Joe Coombs for the following clip.
Joe is playing an Ivison Hurricane '54 Aged Goldtop through a Hurricane Head.
Please follow Joe on instagram - Link -> . Website - Link -> Youtube - Link ->

Channel 1 (tweed), Ivison Hurricane Goldtop, Brown Amplification "The Protein" (green side).

Channel 2 (blondeface), reverb and delay from strymon flint.