The Harrier is 20W all valve amp inspired by amps of both the Brownface and Blackface era. The lead channel produces classic Brownface tones and when driven will will produce sweet overdrive. The ryhthm channel has spanky blackface style voice reminiscent of the Blackface era. Both channels share a tube driven spring reverb.

The Harrier comes with a footswitch for reverb and tremolo.

Hand Built
P2P Wiring
Ultimate Tone



Finger jointed solid pine cabinet
Leather handle
View available finishes


1 x GZ34 Rectifier
3 x 12AX7 Preamp
2 x 12AT7
2 x 6V6 Output


Two Options Available (see above)
Negative Feedback Control


Hammond Transformers
F&T, Mallory, Panasonic, Vishay components
TAD, EHX, JJ, Sovtek valves
Hand built and wired

Speaker Choice

12" WGS ET65
12" Eminence GA-SC64
12" Jupiter 12LC
12" WGS G12C

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 18.1" (459mm), Width: 20.8" (528mm), Depth: 9.5" (241mm), 15kg<


With thanks to Leigh Fuge for doing a review on the Harrier in January 2024.

With thanks to David from Guitarist Magazine for the following review of the Harrier - Summer 2023 edition.

With thanks to Dave Mannion for the following footage of the Harrier in action.

With thanks to Alex Farran for demoing the Harrier at the Manchester Guitar Show August 2023.


Clean Rhythm Track - Stratocaster Neck Pickup

Clean Rhythm with Reverb - Stratocaster Middle and Neck Pickup

Lead Channel - Les Paul Bridge Pickup

Lead Channel with Reverb - Les Paul Bridge Pickup